The struggles of Asian women in America

For many Asian women in America there is a great struggle to be free of the stereotypes placed upon them by society. The truth is, they’re not lusty sex objects that live to serve at the feet of a man. They’re not trying to steal your boyfriend so they can corrupt him into loving them instead of you. Many have no interest in becoming westernized. They love their heritage and the truth is many of the silly American stereotypes that are placed on them make it hard for Asian women to survive and thrive in this culture.

Despite what you might have heard, most Asian women are not interested in servicing your every need. If you date one you’re not going to end up with some sort of servant so you can forget about it. In fact, many won’t even want to date you because you’re not Asian! Try to separate how Asian women are portrayed in pop culture from what they’re actually like and you might find they’re more receptive to you. Stereotypes of any kind are hurtful and not particularly helpful to anyone. Don’t fall pretty to them. Buck the trend and keep an open mind.

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